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Make sure you read all the updated rules and provide all necessary entry information so that your photo does not get disqualified! We cannot use your photo if you do not include ALL the necessary information! We hate when great shots get sent without enough information to be entered.  

October winners are posted!

I've got yours, now you get mine
This month's WINNER!
Mary Barrett of Westminster, MA took this winning photo of Ozzie taking off Trooper's halter.


True Love & Devotion
This month's RUNNER-UP! TIE!!
 Ali George of MD with her horse, Rhiley. Photo by her sister, Lauren George.


This month's RUNNER-UP! TIE!!
Photo by Becky Milbury of Nottingham, New Hampshire.


Congratulations to our winners! They have been chosen from hundreds of entries.  If your photo did not win this month, we may be holding on to it for future contests. 

bits_copy.gif (3779 bytes)
Each deadline is the 5th of the month.
Winners will be announced on the 6th...uh, at least that's what she shoot for! 

Next month's winner will receive a LEATHER HALTER.  
Runner-up will receive a prize from The Bay Horse.

Prizes generally take 1 month to be ordered/shipped and delivered. 
If you do not receive yours after 4 weeks, email us!


1) Eligible photos must contain an EQUINE ... real, not a poster, model horse, shadow or drawing.

2) Please include the name of the person who took the photo, as well as those featured in the photo. Photos may be submitted by the person who took the photo or the legal guardian of a minor photographer.  If you are submitting a photo on someone else's behalf as a favor for the "technically challenged", any prize won will be mailed to that person you are submitting for. A mailing address must be included with all entries.

3) This is an amateur photo contest.  If you are professional or accept money for your photos, please do not enter.

4) If you submit more than one photo per month, we will pick the better one to compete in the contest. Please limit to 3 photos.

5) Entries outside the region are eligible, but if it's a very close contest, the local photo will win (we are a regional site). Because shipping to countries outside the US can cost up to twice as much as the prize itself, non-US photos are not eligible for prizes.  You may still enter and have a chance at being our cover photo.

6) This is a photo contest, not a picture contest; photos may be cropped, lightened or darkened, but no other enhancements

7) Winning photos may be used in EquineSite.com advertisements that promote our Photo Contest. We also reserve the right to resize, crop or color-adjust winning photos.

What we want in a photo:
We LOVE variety, so you never know what we may be looking for in any given month.  However, we do like seasonally appropriate photos.  We almost never use a wintery photo in the summer or vice versa.  If we like your photo, but don't pick it right away, do not be discouraged.  We hold on to our favorites for many months if we think we may use them at another time. You may submit a different photo each month. You may resubmit a photo after 3 months.
 Make sure your photo is clear and of good quality! If your picture is blurry, it is not likely to win. 

To Enter: It's easy:  FIRST READ THE RULES! ALL OF THEM!  Email it to the address below...just make sure it's in a JPG format, please. It should be at least 600 pixels wide or high.  Please try to keep photos under 1.5MB.  Include your name and address!! If you do not, we will assume you don't want a prize.

EquineSite.com Photo Contest
E-mail photos to:



Entire site protected under copyright 1999-2018, EquineSite.com.   All rights reserved.  No part of this website may be reproduced without permission. These photos belong to people, DO NOT STEAL THEM.

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